Engage with your best advocates

There are many components to developing a successful internal communications strategy.

At MPR we are often asked by clients why it’s important to have an internal communications plan and our answer always is – an organisation’s employees are its best asset and its best advocates.

There are many communications tools that can help you engage with your employees and make them feel valued within your organisation. Our top three are –

1. Company publication – whether it’s an electronic or hard copy, company newsletters/ magazines are an effective tool to provide employees with information about the latest developments in the company, new hires and upcoming events. We often recommend adding a human element to the publication, with regular features about staff members at all levels of the company.

2. Social Events – are an effective way to engage with your employees in a fun and stress free environment. The style and format of the events can range from a charity golf day to a soccer match with colleagues. It will allow staff to bond and get to know each other outside of the workplace.

3. Suggestion Box – while the suggestion box may be seen by some as a fairly old fashion tool, it’s still an effective way of communication. There are also many new versions of the old the suggestion box, such as online forums which may be more appropriate and fun for your organisation, particularly among younger staff.