Photography Tips for the PR Professional

Many MPR consultants have worked as a journalist at one point in their career and an essential tool of the trade is being able to take a decent photograph to support a story.

The same applies to those working in PR, as we are often required to snap a shot that is broadcast quality and can be shared with the media, a client, through social media or published on a website.

While this is by no means an expert’s guide to photography, here are some essential things that a PR professional should look for –

Does it tell the story? Have an idea of what you are trying to say in your story and make sure your photograph compliments this.

Does it have personality? It can be hard trying to make a corporate board meeting look interesting, but it’s your job is to give the photograph some personality. It could simply be changing the background or joking with the subject to make them smile.

Do you have the details? Make sure all the paper work is sorted such as photo release forms and correct spelling of names.

Do you have a backup? There is nothing worse than taking an important photograph for your client and then finding back at the office it has been deleted or your computer has crashed. Always have a backup plan, such as creating a second copy of your photographs on another hard drive, or burning multiple hard copies.

Is it print quality? Be aware of the target audience for the photographs. If you are providing these to a magazine they will need to be of a higher quality than photos published on a website.

Can you transfer the photographs?  If the photographs are high quality, they may be too large to email in a bundle. Consider using a file transfer site such as dropbox or transferbigfiles which will save the hassle of choking not only your email system but also that of the recipient.