Top five tips to create a memorable event

The team here at MPR enjoy putting together memorable events for our clients. However, we all agree that organising an event is quite complex and requires extensive planning to ensure it is a success.

Despite the hard work that goes into making an event a success, there are many benefits and reasons to hold one. This may be a chance to network effectively with stakeholders, to create a platform for launching product or service or to generate media coverage for a product or company.

Here are our top five tips when organising an event –
1. Develop your objectives – What is the purpose of the event, what do you want to achieve by holding the event and how does the type of event allow you to successfully engage with your stakeholders? Answering these questions early on in the planning process will help you shape the direction of the event and ensure a consistent message is reflected on the day.

2. Research, select and book venues – Selecting your venue is a key component to your event and it is essential that you book it early to avoid disappointment. Many venues also have their own event coordinator who will be able to assist you throughout all of the planning phases from catering to audio visual requirements. And most importantly, make sure the venue you choose is suitable for the type of event you are hosting and has the right atmosphere. For instance, you wouldn’t host a formal business event with politicians at a nightclub.

3. Secure your VIP’s – If you want a keynote speaker, Minister or celebrity to attend your event, you must contact them early in the planning process to ensure they are available on the day. It will also help at this stage if you can provide them with briefing notes about the event and why they should be involved. Once again, make sure the VIP you choose is well suited and relevant to your company, product or event.

4. Promotion – Depending on the style of your event, you need to consider if you want to promote this through the media. For example, if you are holding a community event it will be essential to promote your event to the general public through the local media – whether that is radio, print or online media. To do so, develop some key facts about your event including the date, time, venue, activities and a short summary of why people should attend.

5. Logistics – This is a key component which will make or break your event. Develop an event plan which covers the duties of staff on the day, contact details for suppliers, a contingency plan (e.g. what you will do if you have an outdoor festival and it rains), running sheets and technical requirements. Having these details prepared well in advance will ensure everyone is working off the same page and that if anything does go wrong you are well prepared with a back-up plan.